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Don't you forget about VCE... Cisco gets cosy with Pure Storage

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Anonymous Coward

Another clever example of Pure Storage marketing. Being on the receiving end of this marketing $#!t makes me really batty (I am the infra guy at a channel VAR).

For example: their POC process - let's call it a "Love your storage promotion." My ability to move a customer forward to a decision is greatly diminished because the customer just prints out their orange colored pages and taps it in a meeting. I hope folks can take off their orange colored glasses and see the reality.

BTW Dimitry: Smartstack is a Nimble program too. Let's not kid everyone about this. A Cisco rep isn't going to sell Nimble's value prop nor did they setup the distribution integration. You guys did. Another pain in the @$$ for me as it distracts customers unnecessarily.

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