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Canadian watchdog goes to court to probe Apple's iPhone deals with mobe networks

John Bailey

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"Why now rather than when the deals were made?"

Probably because companies do not have to register the terms of all deals with a central authority in advance, and such deals are not made public.

So how would they have known if anything was wrong when the deals were made?

These things usually happen in answer to a complaint by an interested party.

Could be a different manufacturer annoyed by the special deals Apple are getting.

Could be a phone company annoyed that the competition is getting a special deal with Apple.

Could be that a phone company is trying to renegotiate their special deal with Apple.

Could be a phone company trying to get out of their special deal with Apple.

An impartial organisation is looking at a deal made between two companies, and despite the cries of victimisation and free market interference that will no doubt be howled by the faithful.. If the contracts are legit, and follow the already made and freely available rules.. No problem.

If they are iContracts.. Problem.

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