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Alleged Silk Road boss's lawyers want murder-for-hire evidence blocked from trial

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Not in the slightest.

This case is

The defendent is guilty/not guilty of the charges against him based on this evidence

(not hearsay, not character, not upbringing, voting record, drinking record or criminal record)

Just because he is the type to have committed this crime and has been found to have committed many similar crimes to this does not make him guilty of this one.

Where is the direct evidence linking him with this (drugs) crime.

The reason for the trial ordering is to make subsequent trials easier for the prosecution.

If he is found guilty of the drugs thing the it will be easier to make a case for the murder plot thing (motive)

If found guilty of the murder thing then laundering/evasion will be easier to prove (motive and means)

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