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Mom and daughter SUE Comcast for 'smuggling' public Wi-Fi hotspot into their home

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Anonymous Coward

Comcast is so unscrupulous

Comcast should be fined BILLIONS for this kind of fraud.

How many Comcast U.S. customers know that international e-mail sent to them by family, friends, business colleagues, etc. are typically blocked by Comcast even though subscribers are paying for this service?

As if this isn't bad enough Comcast wants to merge with Time Werner for a complete U.S. monopoly.

Just to get a reference point on how Comcast operates, check the FCC and FTC conviction files. It should be an eye opener for anyone in doubt.

Filing a complaint at the FTC and FCC website regarding Comcast's illegal Wi-Fi Hot spot in homes, and illegal blockage of legitimate international e-mail to U.S. subscribers will help convict these criminals and resolve some of the many problems Comcast has perpetrated on subscribers.

If you don't speak up when asked you are doomed to suffer severely.

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