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It's not just IT, it's the default UK Gov approach to everything...

Phase 1 - UK urgently needs replacement for obsolescent thingy/process. Foreigners have something in place that works OK, and are thinking about Generation 2 replacement. "Oh, but that foreign solution is flawed in XYZ ways! We will develop something far superior with better value-for-money and develop British industry in the process!"

Phase 2: UK still using by now very obsolete thingy/process. Squillions spent on development. Foreigners are starting to implement Gen2, thinking about Gen3. "Once our new all-british solution is in place in another couple of years, those silly foreigners will rue their foolishness, it's well worth the wait!"

Phase 3: UK solution has pretty much finished falling apart. Accumulated multi-squillions of development are written off and an emergency budget of more squillions is signed off to buy and rush-implement the foreign 1st-Generation solution as an 'Off the shelf interim solution". Foreigners implementing Gen3, thinking about Gen4. UK funds research project to "Leapfrog several generations of technology and establish British industry as a leader in this important area."

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