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Mom and daughter SUE Comcast for 'smuggling' public Wi-Fi hotspot into their home

Eddy Ito

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Its not as open as you think, i think you are still required to login with your comcast account to use those hotspots.

I don't think that's quite true. I have an uncle who has Concast at his summer cottage where he only pays for internet 4-1/2 months a year but the Xfinity is up all year round. If memory serves from the too much turkey holiday weekend you only have to login to get your Comcast email and such but I was able to surf the net while I was there and I don't recall having to do anything special. Actually, I think even his TV uses it for some damn thing or another. Of course I may be wrong as it's all a bit fuzzy, you understand that side of the family actually goes through far more wine than turkey on the holiday.

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