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Nice backgrounder on the history, but...

No mention about digital TV using compression, especially TV of the broadcast kind frequently using **too much** compression (so they can get more channels of tat in the same RF bandwidth)? Even if it's not 'excessive' compression, the quality of the displayed picture at home is subject to the vagaries of the decompression implementation in the TV in question. Not all implementations are equal. Some even have bugs!

See also: key frames, with all the detail explicitly present, and intermediate frames, where the content is interpolated by whatever chip is doing the heavy(ish) lifting.

It's all a swizz anyway. If there's enough bandwidth in the system to cope with high quality pictures of fast moving action, there's no need for compression. If limited bandwidth means there's a need for compression, especially of the lossy sort, there's always going to be loss of detail, (de)compression artefacts, or both.

Ye cannae change the laws of physics.

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