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Which country has 2nd largest social welfare system in the world?


> Including the cost of the US healthcare system in welfare spending is not unlike including the price of billionaire mansions in the money spent to fight homelessness.

So what you are saying is that some of us in America are paying for "billionaire mansions" when it comes to healthcare? In other words, we are at liberty to pay more to get more. That doesn't sound altogether bad really. It sucks to be poor but then again it always sucks to be poor. It's nice that there's at least the option to do better and get better.

That's the key difference between what we have in the US and European Communism.

Although, it does make sense to compare total expenditures for both public and private payments for healthcare and taxes in general. I am in a much better position than a European counterpart to handle my own medical expenses. I have more money for housing and food and health insurance and vacations and my medical rainy day fund (HSA).

I just have to choose to prepare for that sort of thing rather than wasting every last cent I earn on consumption of consumer products. The same goes to a lesser degree for "working class stiffs". We simply choose as a nation to be irresponsible. "Saving" is a dirty word. We all must feed the economic beast. You even see propaganda about this in math textbooks (I kid you not).

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