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New modem/router and securit

Recently had to get a new modem/router as lightening took the old one out in spectacular style. Could not connect to the new one over wifi as it needed to be "set-up". Required a load of fields to be input and the you had to set a new admin password and this was all before connecting to the ISP. Looks like it used the form fields to identify name, address, area, etc and all these were banned from the password, or any combinations of them. Also insisted on a password of 8 characters or more with the usual 1 capital letter, 1 number, 1 special character and what knocked me, no numbers or letters in sequence in either alphabet or on the keyboard. Really had me thinking before I could come up with a decent one (password, that is). Still after setup, discovered I could only log into the modem/router through the cat5 cabling as wifi would not allow you to login - login to modem / router was disabled over wifi. Had to enable it. Talk about locking something down. Best I have seen so far and since I got it up and working, no issues, no re-boots, things just work and everybody in the house loves it. Also, its a nice looking black box, with green leds to indicate what is going on. Leave it sitting there in the corner doing its own business and firmware updates are as simple as anything. But bugger me, I cannot remember who makes the thing.

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