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Which country has 2nd largest social welfare system in the world?


A few things askew with your view

having lived in Europe 20 years, half of them in Britain, and having had to return to the U.S. Because bankers,

- I think you forgot to compare how much of benefits accrue to the middle classes and not hose actually needy

- besides medical, where many more but not significant numbers can be insured at all, and still where you are going to lose big if really ill, how about dental arrangements? Bad teet come from not being able to spend in them (remember postwar Britain?) and then you are really going to get stuck if you wish to fix them.

- what about states, and the war a good many of them are fighting not to give medical benefits to the poor at all? And did you realize, to get that Medicaid if you can, you'll be required to have almost no cash or possessions, losing the benefit as soon as you cross the $3500 or so line.

There are many other traps in America and in your thinking, which is after all elitist according to your cherry picked numbers and opinions.

America grew cruel after the 1970s, and has not grown up in humanity yet to get over it.

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