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not health insurance per-se, but the HMO's

heard a tape of tricky dicky in the oval talking about setting up HMO's, he was against it, til it was pointed out that the 'market forces' would result in less healthcare not less profits for his mates in the insurance business, then he was all in favour.

only came out fairly recently i think

smoking gun here:

Health insurance is not the issue, the 'free market' is. You could say is what we have in the uk... bit of a stretch but we all pay a little all the time for the time when we individually need a lot. I know the nitty gritty of it don't work that way, but from the perspective of an end user that's pretty much what it looks like. It's just 1/2 a century of political cowardice and piss poor planning that makes it not work like that.

As a card carrying lilly livered pinko subversive son of a bitch I loath and detest the free market, because i see the evil it brings every day.

As fully paid up, good ol boy 'fuck the poor' capitalist son of a bitch you see the opportunities the free market gives for your mates to make a shitload of cash. (or at least you play one on the internet)

and never the twain shall meet

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