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Some gaps

A few items:

* "The major difference between the two ideas is that wages – generally at least if not in the past few years – rise faster than inflation."

Can you please cite stats? The stats I have seen is median income flatlined for 30 years:

* Your Better-life index. Has that been updated for the cuts to SNAP (maybe TANF too?) for 2014?

* You make the mistake of using wage income for comparing progressive tax rates. The biggest loophole in the US is the carried interest income. One could also comment about long term capital gains as also being regressive given the majority of folks don't have investments (they can get too readily - think 401(k) here).

* You mention the health care system is already insane here, so not much more to comment there. With Obamacare/Romneycare legislating health care profits to view citizens as 'consumers' the outcome will never be good. And when folks need private insurance most (big bills) then need to worry about rescission for minor errors/delaying tactics.

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