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Which country has 2nd largest social welfare system in the world?


so, let me get this right...

Basically what makes the american tax system more progressive _and_ it's benefits budget seem per capita greater is health insurance.

a system introduced by tricky dicky, which should be proof enough of it's broken-ness, that 'charges' patients thousands of dollars for an asprin, on the basis that the patient a) doesn't pay much on the day, b) is not in a position to argue. and the hospital makes an enormous profit from, and the HMO also makes a bundle from - by sky rocketing premiums.

in stating that the US spends 30% of GDP on health you failed to mention that for that 30%of GDP around 10% of the population have no cover at all, and a further 90% of the population (i.e. all the rest) upon contracting a serious or long term condition have no cover at all.

The US _wastes_ 30% of it's GDP on the fig leaf of notional health insurance. which is of no practical use to man nor beast and it therefore not part of the 'common good' calculation.

there fixed it for you!

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