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Through a custom HOSTS file, or an external service like Google DNS/freedns/opendns, we just register any string of characters to resolve like any of the traditional ones. Others using the same service will enjoy the same IP resolution for that "pseudo" domain.

You can already do exactly that if you want, of course, most of the world won't ever stumble across anything you display, because they're using the 'normal' DNS, but there's absolutely nothing stopping your from standing up a DNS server that'll answer queries for .squigglyworm domains.

If you're happy for the users of your altnet to have to tinker with their hosts files, you don't even need to do that, but again that can already be done.

There's a reason why subdomains don't cost anything extra, though whether $30 a year is an overinflated price is obviously a completely different argument.

EDIT: Oh, and part of the reason the www. works is because we're all using the 'same DNS database'. That's definitely a good thing, though ICANN's behaviour with it does need to be monitored and controlled somehow, which was the thrust of the original article.

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