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We don't need ICANN

ICANN is just a complex PROFITABLE monopoly system to keep us all using the same DNS database. ICANN has total control over what domains we set up on their database, but they have absolutely no control over alternate networks and folks who wish to use them, as long as the alt net doesn't use any ICANN TLD that are described by law as exclusive to them.

I like the idea of alternative DNS networks where we can create our own "TLD" at will. I see no reason, ever, to have to pay someone money to end my URL with a dot and word from a predefined list. I also challenge the idea that it really takes $15-$30 to provide me with my domain services each year. It should cost as much as subdomains do: free. Through a custom HOSTS file, or an external service like Google DNS/freedns/opendns, we just register any string of characters to resolve like any of the traditional ones. Others using the same service will enjoy the same IP resolution for that "pseudo" domain. ICANN's DNS would be the fallback when our preferred one lacks a record for it.

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