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"It does seem to as if the developers of both projects have forgotten the Unix way of working. Write a program to do one thing and do it well, and not try to be all things to all men."

Isn't that kind-of or largely the point behind Rocket — the point that Polvi and the other CoreOS people were making?

"What the CoreOS team likes is the idea of a container as a basic building block of application development, where each container provides a 'microservice' that can be combined with other microservices to form distributed applications.

In this development model, Polvi argues, you probably want the software that you use to run your containers to do that and nothing else."

Nematoad, are you saying that even Rocket departs from the Unix way of doing things, or merely that the CoreOS development team has departed from the Unix way of doing things on projects other than Rocket? (Or even on CoreOS itself — for instance, by embracing systemd?)

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