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FCC puts AT&T and Comcast gobbles back on the table


This entire thing smacks of a classic way to push through unpopular legislation. A hot-button item is put up for action, there's a groundswell of reaction against the move, then it's put aside for "further review." Once things cool down, they bring it back onto the table for action. If there's another groundswell of reaction against it, they'll take it back off the table again for "further review." When things cool down again, they very quietly put it back on the table, find the negative reaction is not as strong as before, and because this supposed lack of complaining seems to resemble public acceptance (in their own minds), the legislation will pass, leaving the rest of us to deal with the consequences.

I know I sound cynical, but I've seen this happen before. I just really, really hope I'm proven wrong this time.

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