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Complete Insanity

That's what it would be if the FCC were to approve either merger. If you're in the U.S. you had better speak now of suffer for eternity.

Just to get a reference point on how Comcast and other cable/phone companies operate, check the FCC and FTC conviction files for these companies. It should be an eye opener for anyone in doubt.

And just to add more reasons why U.S. residents should oppose these mergers and file complaints with both the FTC and FCC... how many folks know that Comcast has been illegally blocking international e-mail sent to U.S. subscribers since 2013? That's right Comcast is illegally blocking legitimate international e-mail from friends, family businesses etc. sent to U.S. Comcast subscribers. You didn't hear anything about this on the Comcast, did you? That's because it's illegal and documented. Now it's up to the FTC and FCC to prosecute Comcast for their crimes. Filing a complaint at the FTC and FCC website regarding Comcast's illegal blockage of legitimate international e-mail to U.S. subscribers will help convict these criminals and resolve one of the many problems unscrupulous management initiates.

If you don't speak up when asked you are doomed to suffer for your apathy.

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