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" shall say it again, the legislators are barking up the wrong tree. The telcos need to enforce caller ID and anonymous call blocking properly,"

Which telco? A call may have traversed 5,6,7 or more networks before it hits the one that terminates the call. Each telco can only see the information in the signalling message from the previous telco in the chain. If any of the telcos in the chain has misbehaved, or more likely just not policed their inbound SIP traffic properly, the CLI will be wrong.

There's no easy answer - if there was it would have been done. You can't turn off 'wrong country' CLI on inbound international routes because that's how mobile roaming works. It's also useful for a UK country with a customer service centre abroad to be able to present a UK number for a customer to call back on.

Changing how signalling works would require a synchronised global change organised between every single telco in the world and software changes and upgrades to every single switch, if not outright replacement. Most telcos have switches that are old in technology terms that they're keeping alive until wholesale replacement with a VoiP/SIP core becomes viable (it's hard to justify big capital outlay on a service with ever declining revenues).

It sounds more like something for the ITU to scratch their heads over but given the scale of the problem that might be as far as they get. How would *you* fix this without breaking the PSTN?

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