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Voda must be joking!

"There's also too many restrictions here that landlords can apply, so the solution would be to declare us [the mobile telecoms industry] a critical infrastructure, allowing us to put up whatever."

Sorry Vinny, but there's a reason that despite owning a mobile for 20 years, I've been a vodafone cutomer for just 2 hours of it. And no, it wasn't an issue of dealing only with low level grunts, because I contacted you directly and you too were useless.

The idea that you should be allowed to "put up whatever" is a total nonstarter until you can get a grip on your company such that it can provide even rudimentary service to the paying public.

Until my train to work is critical infrastructure (and that means no strikes), there's a lengthy queue ahead of my mobile provider for that partciular designation. Worst case is I live without my phone for a few days.... which, funilly enough, is what happened when I ported my number to your network and due to the inability of your staff, I was left with a non-functioning number for 7 days. It's also how I lived the first 20 years of my life and nobody died! You're just not that important.

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