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This article was written in March but I've only just seen it while searching for something else.

This is written by Microsoft Licensing team and would be very troubling reading for anyone who uses device CALs, hosts a web server which allows user logins or uses MS Server for their DHCP service.

It states, I kid you not, that every device that gets a DHCP address from an MS server needs either a device CAL or the user needs a User CAL!. It also specifically states that a printer that is attached to the network and its users print via an MS print queue, have the drivers delivered by GPO and/or gets its IP from DHCP needs a device CAL unless every user of that printer has a user CAL.

It also states that if you host a website and the users log in (not to Active Directory, just log in to create to add something to their basket) then they each need an External Connector CAL!!! Yes, you have 50,000 visitors a year to your website logging in to buy something - that'll be a CAL for each of them.

Have they gone barmy? Surely a CAL should only be needed if that user or device needs authentication via Active Directory?

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