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A bit rich...

An IT bod complaining about pointless tech-complication. Ever since encountering a Teasmade (or Teasmaid ?) and a cheap pair of binoculars with a transistor radio built in, I have been less than convinced of the convenience of combi-products and similar technology. Personal Computers are (and Mobile Phones have become) pinnacles of combi-ness.

On techie site, of all places, I find a writer advocating devices that just do one thing well -- in this case the light switch. What next here, the return of the dedicated word processor ?

Incidentally, Black Friday (more like a Grey Monday) at local Sainsbury featured only one line that caught my eye. Some spectacularly cheap tellies (32inch for £89 or 40inch for £149) labelled with one of the several brands of the gloriously named Universal Multimedia Corporation of Bratislava. Helpfully, one of these sets was running -- directly next to a Panasonic. A glance showed that you get what you pay for.

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