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DECT Bluetooth link to cell

Eddy Ito

DECT Bluetooth link to cell

I've been looking at the various DECT phones and gateways that feature Bluetooth that links to a mobile phone so that the house phones will work with the mobile connection allowing you to answer and place calls from any phone in the house.

What I'd like to know is whether this simply uses a hands-free, CTP, some other profile or a combination. Sparkfun had done a Bluetooth rotary phone that employed the hands-free profile (PDF) but I'm thinking the functionality of the 'link to cell' DECT phones and gateways is more than just hands-free and more along the lines of "3-in-1" but I'd like to get the opinion of folks who undoubtedly have more knowledge on the topic than I do. So, does anyone know what profiles and protocols are in use with the gateway type devices and is there any particular security concerns associated with using these devices?

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