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Yeah, I'm lazy. Sorry for slow response. :-)

Yes, I *do* expect Google to translate searches into physical phones. What other company in the entire world has the research and marketing capability that they have? They know with absolute certainty what the hot topic is, how many people, and probably my name and address, plus the dozens/hundreds of times I've searched - I'm guessing that someone only peripherally interested in the N6 wouldn't bother so often...? Yeah, I reckon that even as a casual punter, not a professional sales analyst, I'd look at my profile and say "He'll buy one - get it ready."

And now, a full month after the supposed launch, I see the 32GB light up for an hour before going to "out of stock", while the (for me) more desirable 64GB version has (for me) *never* been available - this just simply astonishes me. Google's idea of "coming soon" is really radically different from mine - a month isn't "soon" in the tech world, and I'm bored to tears seeing it day after day, to the point that I'm thinking of just sticking with my N5.

Why they seem incapable of using this months-in-advance hype to plan properly for their supply chain is just literally incredible.

So I stand by my comment.

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