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KCOM Group results hit by Phones4U woes

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Eclipse already lost interest in the home market once, around the time of the KCOM takeover. That was the same time KCOM bought Omnetica (where some of the big customer names actually come from) and promptly spent two years trying to work out what it was they had bought. I imagine the "direction" came from the KCOM guys.

Eclipse were genuinely brilliant before then (so much so that - weirdly enough - P4u's store WAN ran mainly on Eclipse domestic DSL for a time). Then they lost interest, I cancelled most of my services with them due to mindblowingly hideous service (like: yeah sorry everything's been down for a week, but really we're not that bothered), then they sorted it all out and became pretty good again.

Seems they've forgotten they went through that and are repeating it. Perhaps a new person at the top again?

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