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I have my backup in two places.

One is on the shiny discs that I purchase films on, and the other (somewhat quicker to recover from) is on BitTorrent.

For self generated content I'll happily back up every 4GB or so onto a DVD, that's what the DVD robot* is for. Then I have a pile of shiny, but very low cost, backup discs (and a robot to help load them back onto the next generation of storage if needed) as well as high speed access to those holiday snaps. At least the TV works better than a dusty slide projector ;)

Frankly the power savings over enough spinning rust to store 16TB of mostly static data should pay for the drive in relatively short order...That's what Facetwit et al. are looking for after all.

* OK the robot is cool, I got it cast off from the office when it got replaced. It was then used at a church until they stopped producing CDs and went to MP3. Very nice piece of kit, massively excessive for a house, but it would make the recovery phase easier.

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