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I never restrict my calories in any way. I eat as much meat as I like, as many vegetables as I like, eggs, cheese, bacon, foie gras.. My calories are through the roof. Yet I now have, for the first time in 20 years - a six-pack. I do no excercise.

I'm reasonably sure in the longer term a high protein high fat Atkins style diet may give you a six pack, possibly even without exercise, due to the relative or total absence of carbs. Where I struggle to believe you is in regard to the number of calories consumed. Eat more energy than you're using and it'll show up as fat somewhere down the line, even if a decent percentage gets flushed away or vented to atmosphere.

Having been fat this summer, I made some simple lifestyle changes that I hoped would be sustainable, and I'm now back down to fairly close to my 'normal' body weight. Calories consumed absolutely plays a part in that, though I don't go so far as to count them. I'm a man. Dropping some of the carb consumption has definately helped, but I really struggle with the idea I can just scoff lard and bacon all day long and it'll be peachy.

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