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Quatermas and the pit?

The part where the aliens would turn on the outsider / non-conformists, the people supporting this agenda are like reformed smokers in their hatred for anything they deny themselves. So the media use the groups of hating sanctimonious prudes justifing their flagulation and removing everyone elses right to live as they please by pushing bogus economic studies as evidence. This isnt news people have always been stupid and narrow minded otherwise they might have noticed that everyone is loosing their rights as the west returns to finanical fudalism.

Personally I am going to continue being a smoking FB and die young rather than conform, where I live in the UK the accessible health and support systems we won, after fighting WW2 to maintain the status quo, have been spirited away such that my chances of receiving any care after I am 60 are minimal.

I still pay the same taxes and benefit my society as much as any anti-corpreal zealot but my right to a fair share has already been removed, the fools pushing this might live longer but at least they will have more pain in return. A balance of sorts which would allow me the last laugh if only I lived to see it, lool

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