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Put down the pie

'people are eating less food now than they used to' -- citation required.

The idea that we're fat because we're not getting enough exercise is a lie put out by the food industry, and by fat people in denial who don't want to give up their addiction. People are fat primarily because of what they're eating. The amount of exercise needed to burn off calories simply makes exercise an unrealistic method of weight loss. Close to 100% of the fat people you see eat too much. The reason so many people are obese is because they aren't cooking meals from fresh ingredients, they are eating processed foods packed with sugar, fat and salt, constantly snacking and drinking their calories, and they can't stop. To deny this is an extreme delusion.

I'm actually quite surprised at the Register's insistence on putting out unsubstantiated and dangerous conjecture about climate change and obesity. How many of your staff are fat 4x4 drivers?

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