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"I can't imaging what you think happens to this "more efficiently" processed fat IF you don't actually use the calories it contains "

Well, at the risk of upsetting the readers, It's gets flushed down the loo! Look, I can sense you are disbeleiving. But I can definitely tell you that I now eat multiples of the amount of fat I used to (mostly butter), I never restrict my calories in any way. I eat as much meat as I like, as many vegetables as I like, eggs, cheese, bacon, foie gras.. My calories are through the roof. Yet I now have, for the first time in 20 years - a six-pack. I do no excercise.

I just don't eat wheat, or sugar.

" Food is measured in calories for a very good reason."

The reason is wrong. The relationship is broken. It's all about how the body processes the fuel, not how much fuel you give it.

"Or do you really believe the bacteria in your gut can metabolise excess fat in the diet without consequence".

No. I *know* that. I don't just think it. As you say fat is fuel. You may want to store it - I want to burn it. And I do. On this diet I feel that I "kick ass" as I have energy to burn. I'm not posturing It's how I feel.

"which is flatulence with a vengeance"

The interesting thing is now I don't have flatulence when I always used to. In fact everything is better in that department. I have energy through the day, I don't peak and crash. I don't crave (the opiods in) wheat.

Try it. You'll like it! We have bacon...!

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