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Re: New study shows dietary fat doesn't cause problems

I was with you up until your last paragraph.

Yes, fats don't make you fat per se - fats can limit appetite and a high fat diet can be effective in weight control. So taxing fats as high calorie food may be counter productive. Butter and cream are good for you.

Yes, carbohydrates can encourage you to over eat and store the excess calories as fat. So potentially taxing sugars may be too simplistic. Taxing at two rates "carbohydrates of which sugars" might be more effective.

Granted that roughly 80% of over weight+ people don't get diabetes, around 80% of newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetics are over weight+.

Further, rapid weight loss after first diagnosis has shown good rates of at least temporary reversal.

So a statement that obesity causes diabetes may not be 100% correct but it is hard to deny the very strong linkage.

Even by the those with admittedly degraded brain cells (whoever these people are).

I hope you meant to say that eating fat doesn't cause diabetes.

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