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You really think Google can tell how many searches for "Nexus 6" translates into someone who will definitely buy one? Not to mention that shortages are normal for new devices, because people mostly want it when its new, but it is difficult to arrange manufacturing resources to front load 5x more capacity for a short period before/after release to satisfy the demand peak and then go away when they're not needed later. Delaying release to build up sufficient inventory for a launch where everyone who wants one gets one is also a problem, because it allows for the chance some sales will be lost to the competition, or people will hear rumors about something even better just around the corner.

But most of all, this whole experience should convince you of the stupidity of building a bunch of devices to have enough to satisfy initial demand. Had Google done that, this recall would have involved a hell of a lot more devices. Sometimes you don't find out about problems until it is too late, and you'd rather not have 5x as many devices to recall (and have to build that many replacement devices, assuming it isn't a 'while you wait' fix)

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