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"Do no evil"...?

Ok, so they aren't, but this incompetence is really astonishing.

I''m sure that launching a new product is incredibly difficult, but Google have unquestionably monitored the searches for "Nexus 6" over the past few months (it's their job, for god's sake) and they therefore must have known the interest in the new devices. And still they didn't manufacture enough to satisfy a known demand? And as an experienced software company they get the Nexus 7 software wrong?

I really didn't want a 6" screen, but, swept along by the hype (yes, I'm shallow), I'd rather like to get one of these devices. As a phone, ludicrously big. As an internet, communications, entertainment device, probably rather good.

But now I'm bored, as I was with the OnePlus One - stupid incompetent marketing, lack of concrete delivery dates...

I thought that Google was a professional company. Apparently not.

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