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Oracle to axe over 450 jobs in Euro support centres – sources

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Too expensive

Oracle has become too expensive.

Sadly, I'm an expert in Oracle products.. but even I have to recommend my clients to move away from Oracle. Unless they really really need need Oracle enterprise.

But most people don't really need oracle enterprise. They can live with Postgres, and things like

But if you need performance, it is way cheaper to go to SSD disks or even battery backed RAM disks.

As for flashback.. we do use it daily, for support, but just because we have it a pay it, otherwise you can ust use logs... or specific tables. Flshback doesn't guarantee anything, therefore you cant trust anything to it.

Anon, as I still recommend Oracle to some customers, as they have deep pockets, care not about suppliers and we have arrangements/kickbacks with Oracle.

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