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Pk was a nice place!

whilst working for C&W I had the pleasure of 'tapping' some of the Vauxhall voice traffic,

but remember folks that C&W *was* the overseas branch of the GPO, so you can't really blame them for continuing close connections to governmint.

Meanwhile, over at the Cabinet Office website

Membership of the Technical Advisory Board.

The Technical Advisory Board has 6 members from the communications industry, 6 from government intercepting agencies and a neutral chair. Members are appointed by the Home Secretary in accordance with the guidelines published by the Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments.

Current members

The current chair is Peter Walker. The industry representatives are:

Bob Hughes (O2), Timothy King (BT), Simon Mackenzie-Crooks (BSkyB), Andrew May (Cable and Wireless), Gerald McQuaid (Vodafone), Jacqueline Mellor (Virgin Media)

Details of board members who represent intercepting agencies is not public information.

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