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I feel sorry for the spooks....

..can you imagine the problems the guys had logging the fault calls.

Ring ring <hold 45 minutes>

Hi yes, "Nigella" has gone done.....what do you mean you have no it's with C& guys.....yes I know your Vodaphone, but you took over Thus who took over C&W....what? you don't have access to Thus stuff? But it C&W, not Thus origianlly.... your going to transfer me?.....<hold 30 minutes> Hi, it's about "Nigella" I just phoned Vodaphone.....what do you mean you don't have the records and I need to speak to Vodaphone, they just transferred me...what do you mean your C&W worldwide and never had anything to do with Thus? I'm confused...what your going to transfer me...<hold 30 minutes>. Vodaphone! but..but...but...ah sod it...I can't go on like this......<BANG> <THUNK>

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