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Oracle to axe over 450 jobs in Euro support centres – sources

Otto is a bear.

If Oracle Want to Grow again.

Perhaps they can introduce competitive pricing. Enterprise Edition might be the most comprehensive database going, but that's not much use when most users , use less than half the functionality.

Here's a thought, take the limits off standard edition and introduce a realistic VM/cloud licence policy, you've done it for Microsoft and Amazon, how about the rest of us.

It also doesn't help that Oracle support recalculates your support to current pricing if you consolidate, making it more expensive than it already was.

Not surprised lots of key Oracle users are looking at Postgres.

And that's just the Database, let alone the rest of their overpriced software, much of which suffers from the same pricing issues.

I actually like Oracle technology, but, even I can's make an economic case for using it any more.

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