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Heyyy! NICE e-bracelet you've got there ... SHAME if someone were to SUBPOENA it


as mentioned, if your young and ant cheap car insurance you have a GPS tracker fitted...

if you want to make a massive claim for some sort of disability, then wear a tracker... it can be fooled, but if you are forced to wear it for a month or so it will be hard to fool it all the time...

It could have a positive effect on weeding out the false claimers, it could also seal the fate of genuine claiments that happen to be just the right (wrong) side of what someone classes as fit.

In this womans case - if I was her and the claim was genuine, I would be happy to offer up my historical data, along with current data which showed that I wasn't as able as I used to be - to be taken into consideration to assist my claim, but then I am an honest person...

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