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Heyyy! NICE e-bracelet you've got there ... SHAME if someone were to SUBPOENA it

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Who would want to buy/wear such a device daily if it means...

Because they are not being told that up front and many people live in denial. It's not like FB or Google (which FitBit uses) go out of their way to let you know the extent they intrude upon your privacy. Meanwhile, people by the millions willingly give them access to all sorts of personal info. Too, the marketing for FitBit pushes points about sleep apnea but not so much on how your personal data is transferred, archive, encrypted, sold. I am a bit disappointed, though, as I had predicted the first time FitBit would pop up in court would be for a divorce case.

As a simple rule, if the data leaves your device (any device), it will be harvested and used by at least one other party.

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