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I seem to recall

Dashcams in Russia are popular due to some sort of (insurance/lack of/scam - I'm sure VP will correct me)

I see that insurance companies are now pushing to put GPS based DTR monitors into cars to "reduce your costs"

(utter horse shit in any case, its insurance, they are the bastion of "make my money grow at any cost", so rates only ever go up although it does come in handy when you get Tboned by a drunkard at 1 in the afternoon on your way back to work, that is, if you can find a lawyer capable of forcing them to follow the contract that you signed.).

I have to thank (deity) that we have Government managed healthcare up here, I can see where the American version will go -- your health insurance costs "can be reduced if you wear"..... (and turn in all the data of course) -- which on average will *raise* the costs since

a) you don't exercise 3 times a day for 20 minutes.

b) don't walk 10 miles every single day

c) sit down for more than 20 minutes at a time regularly ...

d) you drank something that looks like it was coffee more than twice in this 3 month period.

(etc etc )

Fitbit, soon to be available with subcutaneous blood chemistry monitoring attachment.

<sorry I woke up on the cynical side of bed this morning>

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