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Flash: misleading statements and overall low journalism standards

"Flash ran up against Steve Jobs, who declared war on the player"

False. Flash, and Adobe in general, ran against itself. A few years ago, Flash was the king of the hill, with some banks saying that they were thinking of implementing complete banking apps entirely in Flash. There are still a few web applications out there that are dual headed hydras with some content on the page being provided by Flash and some other delivered via standard HTML.

But Flash used a closed file format, proprietary video codecs, had miserable performance on anything lower spec than a powerful laptop, had poor browser integration and a host of security vulnerabilities. Add to that the uber-cookie privacy concerns and you have not exactly the hallmarks of a successful technology, no matter how many developers, usability and user interface designers you replace with marketing types.

(notice the past tense in the previous paragraph. For all intents and purposes, Adobe included, Flash is fortunately dead)

Neither Jobs nor Apple declared war on the player. In fact, the Flash tooling runs very well on a Mac and the Adobe app portfolio was, and still is, one of the long standing Mac market niches.

", barring it from Apple’s devices"

False. S. Jobs banned Flash from iOS devices only, not from all of Apple's devices.

The truth is, Apple banned Flash from iOS for a single reason: Flash's bad performance on an iOS device was so bad as to make for a very poor user experience. And judging from Flash performance on Android devices, he was right.

The Adobe market target is made up of non-technology types. Ones that don't see a problem in storing their content in a paid subscription cloud. Like with Flash, they need a few years and a few reality checks to realize how bad that idea was.

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