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Pay-by-bonk chip lets hackers pop all your favourite phones

Lee D Silver badge

I disable anything that looks like radio, unless I'm using a radio device of that kind.

I don't disable 3G, but if you're not using Bluetooth, NFC, wireless etc. then why would you want them turned on anyway? For the same reason, I turn off Wifi on the ISP-supplied routers and use my own behind it.

I bought S4 minis for myself and my girlfriend. First thing I did - went through, turned all that stuff off (including S-Beam and DLNA and whatever else). Neither of us have missed it. We can turn on Bluetooth if we want to use a headset. We've had no cause to turn either of them on or off more than a couple of times each in the last six months. And NFC only got turned on because I was showing her how you can read info off NFC cards.

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