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take a look at the originals

Godel's provability theorem can possibly lead to a test as to whether the mind is quantum, but it is one approach only, and based on nothing but abstract argument.

The 1998 paper from Penrose and Hameroff had some real physical mechanisms and predictions in there*. What I liked best about Penrose is that he starts by acknowledging that the brain "behaves like" a quantum computer, leading to the suspicion that it might be...

I can't possibly do justice to the material starred below, in this post, so I just recommend a look for those interested. I'll leave you with a recent quote from Hameroff

After 20 years of skeptical criticism, "the evidence now clearly supports Orch OR," continue Hameroff and Penrose. "Our new paper updates the evidence, clarifies Orch OR quantum bits, or "qubits," as helical pathways in microtubule lattices, rebuts critics, and reviews 20 testable predictions of Orch OR published in 1998 – of these, six are confirmed and none refuted.



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