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I'm not so sure they're not.

I (and an increasing number of acquaintances) use a number of devices for video viewing, and they all interface with the TV in the media room (remember when it was simply the living room?), bedroom, etc.

The tv is simply used as a video terminal, with audio piped to the nearest convenient sound system. The only reason the various tv u its haven't been replaced with flat panel monitors is that nobody seems to make 55, 65 or 80 inch monitors at anywhere near the price of a tv set.

I may be unusual, in that we haven't had an aerial or cable point for at least 10 years (ok, we DO have a Foxtel IQ HD box, but it's wired into the network like everything else, so if I wanted to watch Big Brother live on my android tablet, I could, but then I'd have to kill myself), but I do see a definite trend away from using the tv as anything except 'another display device'

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