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so you prefer LED's being filtered through an LCD crystal? and a colour filter? (the LED's are white (or near as possible) TV's are nothing like a jumbotron display, they do not use individual leds per pixel, the LEDs are merely a different light source and replace the old CCFL tubes)

I don't think you know much about TV tech..

The main issue with OLED's has been lifespan and differential aging (blue dies a lot quicker than the others)

This has got a lot better.

LCD TV is just terrible,they suffer viewing angle colour shift, crap contrast (they use load's of tricks to try to fix this, but all rubbish,gray scales are rubbish showing banding. and numerous other problems

Now they have phased out plasma, the choice without OLED, is shit (yes, I know the programmes are!) TV pictures...

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