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"NoScript is just an annoyance to non-tech folk that they will click-through, rendering it pointless."

Disagree. Bit by bit the user should get to know what scripts are required to operate most websites without unnecessary scripts being allowed. That is the entire point of NoScript if used according to its raison d'être. To teach users which scripts are necessary and which are not. With a modicum of research on any script the user can decide if it is purely a data slurper with no other useful purpose, or potentially has some use.

I permanently allow very few scripts, which means temporarily allowing just enough scripts for each website in order to use it. I am so used to this now I hardly notice it. It's part of the web for me and a real eye opener as to who the main offenders are and how many hidden scripts run behind the scenes on many websites. I prefer to know how badly designed each website is and how much slurping it "requires" before handing over that control.

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