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Samsung slams door on OLED TVs, makes QUANTUM dot LEAP

Sir Gaz of Laz

'apart from anything else the latter is always going to be easier to sell to Currys punters on the basis 4K is a bigger number than 1080.'

I actually witnessed this in Currys at the weekend - elderly couple in buying a 55" TV for 10YEAR OLD grandson for Christmas ('it's what he wants') being told to go the 4K route as 'loads' of programs are already being broadcast in that fact, it's the 'HD standard these days'.

When the not-quite-hip-enough-for-Apple-Store assistant had this questioned by Grampa - who could not see any difference between the 1080 and 4K demo pictures - he was told that it was probably due to his glasses (!) and that the higher resolution was better to have as 'more is better'.

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