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Doctor Who trashing the TARDIS, Clara alone, useless UNIT – Death in Heaven


Easy tigers. For those of you who were disappointed by the plot-holes and the lack of realism (which is bit like being disappointed by the discovery that snow is cold or the sea is wet), all you needed to know was this: Cybermen are somehow able to fly now, rather than just lurch along Cardiff streets like piles sufferers wearing tin-foil; if UNIT wasn't so useless they wouldn't always need the Doctor would they? The Brigadier is now a (friendly) Cyberman; Cyberman DNA can revive the remains of 200-year-old corpses; the point of the Doctor's presidency is that he is offered almost limitless power by both the good and bad guys in the episode and ultimately rejects both; Missy now has possible romantic designs on her fellow timelord, and rather than drag him down to Ceroc on a Wednesday evening wants to share her evil lust for power with him instead. Unless you are a child of 10, just forget all of this nonsensical plot. Instead enjoy the Edwardian spectacle of humanity being threatened by alien annihilation yet again, and the sight of Cybermen climbing out of graves under darkening skies, and Missy's banter with Capaldi, and the Doctor's Goldeneye stunt with the Tardis and the poignant, ever-developing (and very British) relationship between the Doctor and Clara.

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