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"If you don't like it, don't watch it then." - I watch in the hope that it will surprise me and come up with some stories akin to the Dr Who of my childhood instead of this touchy-feely-timey-wimey rubbish. There are some good moments, enough to keep me from entirely walking away, but ... for goodness sake, just pick an angle for the Doctor and go with it, don't keep yoyoing around. Here's a hint. Watch him-with-the-boggle-eyes-and-the-scarf or him-with-the-poncey-cricket-outfit. The stories were kinda cheesy, the effects hammy, and a certain charming innocence (Romana in Paris, anyone?) but above all the stories were (usually) watchable. They made sense. They could exist with a zany half-sci-fi and half comedy blend but didn't depend upon big friendly reset buttons or retconning entire swathes of backstory for this week's plot development...

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