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So what do you people think now?

1. She threatened to destroy all of the tardis keys

2. She tried to blackmail the Doctor into changing history

3. The Doctor was on a crashing plane and she tried to force him to do "only what she wanted" , "come take the chip out of Danny or I wont talk to you".

4. She was going to make the Doctor murder Missy. I found myself wanting to see the Master, more than I wanted to see Clara.

Combine all of this with the fact that she's not interesting, she's not endearing, she's shallow, she's not Amy, Rose, Donna, River, Martha or even Sarah Jane for crying out loud.

Capaldi is great ... but Clara is all over the place. She has yet to do something to make me say "Wow she's brilliant" ... if they had kept her as a computer genius then maybe, but the Doctor acts as if she is his heart and soul. We have yet to see her do something worthy of that admiration.

Just whine, whine, whine, cry, try to be bossy like Donna, think I love him like Rose and Martha and not look anywhere near as hot as Amy!

And I'm all for strong women... My mother is strong woman. But Clara is not strong, she is arrogant. She has not been helpful in a while, and it makes her character pointless. Maybe if they left her as a computer genius, then that would have been interesting... But really is she the one to judge if the Doctor is a "Good Man"? She's not even a "Good Woman", so how would she know?

And the whole Clara and Mr Pink thing is annoying. Is their purpose to be the opposite of everything we loved about Amy and Rory? And speaking for myself and all of my fellows in Armed Services across the globe, STOP BEING SUCH A WHINNY !#$@!#. Cry, Cry, Cry..... The Doctor is a General and I'm just a little cog in the machine. We go to war, we bring things back, but we didn't become magically wiser than a 1000 year old Time Lord in the process.

I hate the whole thing... Danny, the little girl who is destined to become a dropout, the elementary school rejects, the attack of the killer trees, the space orient express (a little too Titanic in space for me, wink) There is no originality, no character development and it makes Clara tiresome.

Make it STOP!!!!

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